Eco-Friendly Graphic T-Shirts

We pride ourselves in selling eco-friendly t-shirts and apparel at a reasonable price that people can afford.

With the help of lots of research and modern technology we are creating beautiful, comfortable  t-shirts with the highest resolution in graphics that are eco-friendly. From the blank tees that we buy from Bella+Canvas to the the water based ink we use to print the garment.

The garment printer we use for all our store collection.

Our Inks

We print all our graphic t-shirts with the Bother GTX Direct To Garment Printer using the eco-friendly Innobella Inks.

The inks we use for your new graphic tees are water-based pigments that are Okeo-Tex® ECO PASSPORT certified and Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) compliant.

ECO PASSPORT by Oeko-Tex is a verification procedure by which manufacturers of textile processing chemicals and chemical compounds (such as dyes, performance additives, finishing agents, lubricants, detergents, etc.) are able to confirm that their products can be used in sustainable textile production.

ECO PASSPORT by Oeko-Tex certified chemicals increase textile product and process safety and help protect consumers, textile industry workers, and the environment from the negative impact of potentially harmful substances.

Compliance with the ECO PASSPORT standard means that products also comply with industry initiatives such as ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals) and with the legal requirements.

The Innobella Ink comes in replaceable pouches instead of traditional cartridges to minimize the amount of plastic, thus reducing their environmental impact.


The Blank T-Shirts

We buy the Bella+Canvas 3001 unisex tees for our unisex graphic t-shirts, and the Bella + Canvas 8413 Ladies' Triblend Short Sleeve T-Shirts for our women's fitted tees.

Water Reduction

Bella+Canvas dye all of their fabric in California at dye houses that use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer.

California has some of the most strict EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations, so by dyeing in California, Bella+Canvas adheres to the highest level of environmental compliancy.

At Bella+Canvas's dye houses, everything is monitored to eliminate waste. Bella+Canvas also utilizing the most efficient machines that are available, which allow them to use seven times less water than the average clothing manufacturer.

Once a process is complete, the water and dyes are separated. The water is recycled through an in-house filtration system and reused again, rather than being dumped into rivers or oceans. The dye waste is also burned at a high temperature in a self-contained environment, allowing for no smoke stacks or pollution to be put into the air.